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Ransomware and online threats are growing risks. Don't let an attack cost you downtime or your business. Contact us to get protected.

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ProtecT Your Business

Ransomware Costs On 

Average $283,000 for SMB's

Don't let an attack cost your livelihood and the employees that depend on you. The average cost to SMB's is $283,000 for a ransomware attack. It takes on average 15 days to recover. If the ransom is paid companies typically only get back 65% of their data. It can cost a lot more in reputation and lost revenue from people taking their business elsewhere. 

Awareness Training

It starts with you and your staff being able to recognize threats and know what to do when they encounter them. Phishing campaigns are getting more sophisticated and are typically how a company gets compromised.

Threat Prevention

Get the right kind of protection for your business by going to a zero-trust model that's recommended by NIST and is the industry standard for isolating and protecting your environment from existing and emerging threats. 

Why choose us?

  • We use the best in class and best priced cybersecurity tools to identify vulnerabilities and define priority of remediations
  • Address technology gaps in cybersecurity, backups, business operations, and other business technology
  • Leverage cloud technologies to improve cybersecurity and business reliability
  • Understand the reasons for using the technology tools and how it improves your business
  • We do the heavy lifting for you


Get a free, no obligation to purchase assessment of where your business is currently at, so you know what to do to keep it safe


Train your employees to recognize threats so they know what to do and not compromise your business.


Get the right comprehensive service that monitors and protects your business 24/7 at a price that won't break the bank.

Immutable or air gaped BACKUPS

Get your data protected with the latest technology for backups that use immutable storage that cannot be compromised from ransomware.

Packed with

Features to Succeed

Cybersecurity Assessment

Do you know everything that's connected to your network? Do you regularly scan it for vulnerabilities? Can anyone walk in and plug into a network jack and gain access? Not sure? 

  • Know what you got connected
  • Secure your network & devices
  • Benefit from our experience
  • Sign Up
  • Get Assessment
  • Get The Report
  • plan With IT Pro

Simple Process

Let's keep things simple so you can have clarity about your IT and avoid the pain of dealing with technology terms you don't understand.

Four Step Assessment Process

  1. Do the assessment
  2. Plan from assessment report
  3. Implement the plan
  4. Repeat
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress

About Nathan Kaufman

Consistent track record of introducing best IT system practices that improve operational efficiency and network reliability with minimal resources and keeps costs down.

Extensive background in leading complex cloud migrations and shaping business technology roadmaps to increase operating stability and uptime for services. Strong technical acumen with expertise in overseeing global IT transformation in collaboration with technical and management stakeholders. 

Demonstrated success in leading project teams for successful implementation of digital solutions while removing barriers and spotting opportunities to go faster.

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Brillian Engineer

“Nathan is a brilliant engineer. One of the few I have had the privilege to work with for the past 20 years of my IT career. His Windows administration skills are superb. He immediately resolved 2 major issues when coming on board. One being an IIS issue on one of our e-commerce servers and the other being a wireless connection issue that effected the entire organization. Nathan also helped design a new VMware environment which saw its very first SAN.” Waj K., 

Waj Khan
IT Manager

Leverage Technology

Effective digital marketing is critical for a thriving business, yet it can be complicated to navigate. Nathan helped us better understand how to improve our email delivery so that we could continue building strong relationships with our members and ensure we provide the best possible customer experience. His knowledge is extensive, and we highly recommend him to anyone seeking to leverage technology to further their business goals.

Business Owner


What are the costs?

There are no costs for the assessment, review and report. There are costs if after you receive and review the report with us, you decide to move forward with planning and implementation. It only takes a few minutes of your time to get the agent installed and start the assessment.

What is required for the assessment?

We will need access to your network. It can be done remotely. We install one agent to do the scan which can be removed after the scan and report is completed.

Is there any impact to our performance?

There is no impact on performance. It's a very light, non-invasive scan.

How much time does it take?

It takes few minutes to install the agent. The scan can be run anytime and afterhours. The scan runs in the background and depending on the size of your network it can take as little as a day to complete the scan. After the scan is complete, we schedule a 1-hour review meeting which can be done remotely or on premise.

Download your Free Cyber Security Assessment Checklist

  • Find out how well you are secured
  • Help get your cyber insurance costs down
  • It's free and only takes a few minutes