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 Roughly 70% of Hacks Were Small Businesses

Having cybersecurity matters. Think you're unlikely to get hacked? There are 54% of other business owners that think the same thing, that they're too small to be a target. That unfortunately isn't the case. A study from Paychex shows a 70% increase in attacks against small businesses in 2021, and 43% of all cyber-attacks target small businesses. Not sure how to protect yourself? You’re not alone, 47% of small businesses are not sure how to protect themselves from cyber-attacks. On average a compromise from poor employee passwords cost $383,365, which is a crazy amount of money. - Source: Fundera

Is having no cybersecurity worth it?

The Costs are High for Not Having Cybersecurity

Getting Hacked Sucks

Getting hacked sucks, getting hacked and losing your business sucks even worse. 60% of small businesses close within six months after a cyber-attack.

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60% of SMB's CLose within six months of a cyber attack

Do Your Customers Matter?

Do your customers matter to you? If you get hacked, your customers data could be compromised, leading to mistrust, loss of business, damaged reputation, and potential lawsuits.


424% Increase in sMB breaches in 2020

Got Cyber Insurance?

Do you have cybersecurity insurance? You're not alone if you do not. Around 91% of small businesses don't have cybersecurity insurance protecting them from financial fallout if they get hacked. Your general policy usually does not cover cyber-attacks. Bottom line is that cyber-attacks cost a lot of money.


91% of smb's do not have cybersecurity insurance

FTC Makes C-Suite Accountable 

The FTC is going after small and large companies and holding CEOs with other executives accountable for failing to implement cybersecurity. See FTC action against Drizly LLC and its CEO James Cory Rellas for security failures.

FTC Fines

ceo's can be held accountable for

poor cybersecuirty

What you can Do Today to be better protected

The purpose of this section is to provide some steps that can be done now to help protect your business.

Test Your Backups & Make Sure They're Immutable or Air Gapped

Having backups is a good start but can also be a false sense of security. Needing them to work when you need them is critical to surviving a ransomware attack. Regularly test your backups and have a few copies of them offline or in an immutable storage environment like Wasabi. Hackers go after backups too, which helps them make sure they have more leverage for getting ransomware funds.

Keep All Software Up To Date

Software can have vulnerabilities in them which allow hackers to get into your network. Keeping your software up to date helps ensure they have the latest security patches for that software. Windows updates is just one part of keeping software up to date.

Enable Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for Email and Remote Access

Passwords are a weak spot for small businesses. Wherever possible have MFA, which is a code or prompt to your phone to access resources such as your email or VPN remote access.

Don't Let the Hackers Win

Get comprehensive cybersecurity starting today. Protect what you built. Stay informed and be aware of the risks.

“There are costs and risks to a program of action, but they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.”

 - John F. Kennedy

  • Get advanced protection to stop emerging threats and isolate attacks if they happen so you stay operational.
  • Have your vulnerabilities monitored and managed. Stay informed of what's on your network and protect it.
  • Get prevention protection to stop advanced threats and if they get in, prevent them from spreading
  • Awareness training to keep employees informed of the latest threats and not become another victim.
  • Get protected 24/7 by a security operation center (SOC). Sleep soundly knowing you are safe and secure.