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Get Huntley IT Support and Service you can count on when you need it.

Get Huntley IT Support and Services

The difference between great IT Support

Great IT Support and Service

  • Quickly identifies the problem and solves it the first time.
  • Is available when you need them and shows up on time.
  • Is fair with billing you for time without billing mistakes.
  • Has experienced, qualified technicians providing reliable and consistent IT Support.
  • Has remote technology to monitor and login to your systems to fix problems quickly.
  • Understands the importance of backups and what high availability (RAID) means. RAID is not a backup.
  • Provides quality recommendations on hardware and doesn't force you in to buying from them.
  • Sells quality hardware with support plans, and at an affordable price.
  • Helps explain technology in terms you can understand so you make better choices for your business.

Not So Great IT Support and Service

  • Constantly having to come back and fix problems.
  • Not being available when you need them and not showing up on time.
  • Has constant billing mistakes you have waste time on.
  •  Unexperienced and unreliable technical IT support.
  • Doesn't have remote technology and monitoring to solve problems quickly.
  • Usually formats computers to solve every problem.
  • Doesn't understand backups and thinks RAID is a backup.
  • Forces you into purchasing hardware through them.
  • Sells junk refurbished and outdated hardware but calls it "new".
  • Takes advantage of you, thinking your ignorant about technology and how best to use it.

Conclusion: Get Quality and Reliable IT Support 

Having great IT support can save you a lot of headaches. It can create an environment where employees are happier because their computers are not always crashing making them frustrated. Getting experienced IT Support can solve problems quickly. Getting inexperienced support ends up costing you more money and downtime. Getting lower cost per hour IT support may sound good upfront, but they end up spending more time, which doesn't end up saving you in the long run. Get the fast, reliable IT Support your business needs today with our IT Support.

What You Can Expect from Our Great IT Support

Out IT support has highly qualified and quality IT professionals that understand technology and know how to fix it right the first time. They answer the phone right away and if we are super busy providing great IT support to other customers, we always get back to you the same day, usually within an hour. We provide the best service for all our customers so you can feel confident your IT support needs are cared for, so your business can thrive.

  • Commitment to you with providing the right solutions to solving your technology problems.
  • If a call is missed, we stive to get back to you in a timely manner, typically within the hour.
  • Qualifying our IT support technicians so your problems are solved quickly, and you can get back to running your business plus have happier, more efficient employees.
  • Feel confident in making a great choice with technology by having it explained in terms you understand.
  • Getting billed correctly for time and materials so you don't waste hours of precious time reviewing bills.
  • Get monthly reports of our technician's activity and progress we made on solving IT support issues. Plus making recommendations for to prevent future problems with IT.